Just A Little Bit of Info About iPhone Repair Sacramento:

We’ve been serving the Sacramento area for some time now with iPhone repairs.  With countless of satisfied customers it has been our pleasure working with the residents of Sacramento, CA.  We strive to be the best at what we do and provide top-notch service.

With 1000s repaired our success rate is close to 100%.  We’ve seen it all from damaged screens which appeared to be beyond repair to beer soaked iPhones.  Some of our customers have been stunned once we’ve returned their iPhone to them in like-new condition.  No job is too small or big for us,  or we’d like to think so at least:)


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Here are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions:


Are you guys the cheapest iPhone Repair provider in Sacramento?

Well, our prices are competitive and we’ve set them low compared to many of our competitors.   Our iPhone screen repairs are so efficient with our experienced technicians that we’re able to have dirt cheap prices.


Can you guys repair any water damaged iPhone?

Depending on the severity and how long ago the iPhone was damaged by liquid will dictate whether or not the device is repairable.  We have a fairly high repair for water damaged iPhones!


Is it true you guys have the record for iPhone Screen Repairs?

LOL, well we’re not in guiness but we can repair an iPhone screen pretty darn quick.  Because we’ve done so many cracked screen replacements it’s like second nature to us!


Are you guys the best iPhone Repair provider in Sacramento?

But of course we are!  We work hard to try and be the best and offer great quality and customer service!


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Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment!